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Wages and Salary

A&L's Construction and Redi-Mix was established on integrity and equal opportunity for our employees. Employee satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer salaries and wages for those willing to take the opportunity.

Health and Wellness

An employee's health and wellness are important factors for their satisfaction at our company. This is why we understand that diets, nutrition, and other health factors are difficult to regulate on a day-to-day basis. A&L ecourages employees to retain healthy habits for a better quality of life.

Healthcare, Benefits, and
401(k) Plan

A&L offers a wide range of benefits, such as Health Care and Dental. Our plans will make it possible to possess high-grade coverage at a low expense.

Advance Skills and Knowledge

A&L will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue your career success with us or whomever it may be. Education is our bottom line and we intend on keeping it that way. 


Our safety methodologies are built around keeping you, as the employee, out of harm's way. Our safety protocols are aligned with industry standards and A&L spares no expense when it comes to providing readily available safety equipment.

Innovative Technology and Intelligence

A&L strives for technological advancement and innovation by integrating the latest and greatest software, hardware, equipment, etc. to our operations. To tie it all together, we use vast types of data analytics. Learn with us what the industry has to offer and work smarter each day.

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